The Science of Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment®:

The Integration of Neuroscience, Alternative Therapy and Ancient Wisdom That Integrates the Latest Advances of Epigenetics

What you'll learn

  • Learn special insights of how to use epigenetics and quantum embodiment® to help heal any issue at each level of their physical, emotional, mental espiritual

  • Be educated to use epigenetically based approaches that enhance immunity and maintain the immune system at the highest levels

  • To begin the process to reduce or replace medications for depression,anxiety,ADHD and Insomnia

  • Discover why current or previous recovery efforts or healing work didn't accomplish their hoped for goals

  • How to increase immunity and disease tolerance levels to prevent infections, illness and diseases by recoding your genes

The Integration of Neuroscience, Alternative Therapy, and Ancient Wisdom

In this course you will learn to accelerate healing using the techniques of epigenetics to enhance the expression of your DNA, utilize the neuroplasticity of your brain to create empowering neural networks that improve health, extend your life and develop advanced emotional intelligence where anxieties are easily overcome, creativity flourishes and a profound inner peace emerges! This is the process of activating your inner pharmacy and getting to the underlying roots of your issues that are held in place in the unconscious mind-body sending unhealthy signals to your body that can create diabetes, heart disease, immune deficiencies, social anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Learn essentially How Quantum Embodiment® Helps You Heal And Remove The Hidden Stress From The Past. Through this process, one creates a higher level of immunity as these techniques self inculcate you to help prevent infection while removing the limitations your past traumas and family entanglements have imprinted upon your subconscious and unconscious minds.

This is the culmination of my research and development for the past 48 years in the field of alternative health and healing. It shares the knowledge of how to accelerate healing using the neuroplasticity of your brain to improve health, extend your life and develop advanced emotional intelligence where anxieties are easily overcome, creativity flourishes and a profound inner peace emerges!

Who this course is for

Seekers looking to find another way that integrates the latest scientific breakthroughs to improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual awareness and ability

Mental health and wellness professions such as psychologists, mental health workers, yoga teachers, energy healers, medical doctors and psychiatrists

Those on a spiritual path who are interested in the science behind the tools and techniques of yoga, regressions, constellations and shamanic processes.

Individuals who want to learn the basics of epigenetic oriented approaches for shifting your genes expression and and use the science of quantum embodiment® to build empowered neural networks in their brains

Individuals who are involved in seeking the knowledge and effective strategies for personal growth, self improvement and healing for themselves, Their clients or their family or friends.

What Our Students Say About Us.

In the words of our students, discover firsthand the transformative experiences and positive impact they've encountered on their journey with us.

" If you are looking for a magic pill to fix your life you won't find it here or any where else. You need to do the work. This coarse reveals that you already have the knowledge and skills you need to improve your life. You are required in this coarse to look deep inside and explore the traumas, pain and false belief that are holding you back. If you are willing to do the work, you will find that this coarse is truly life altering."

Marnie R.

" This course is amazing on so many levels. It is packed with information and tasks to propels us towards transformation. Brian's delivery is loving, enthusiastic and inspires a sense of trust. I feel I am a different person than the one who started the course. And I now have more tools to my belt to continue my growth and development. I can't wait to do other courses with Brian. Thank you so much. "

Valerie L.

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